Spring Break Drama Camps


Download Brochure & Registration form here: Green Thumb Drama Camps Brochure

This year, Green Thumb Theatre is offering Spring Break Drama Camps for Grades 1 -3 and 4 -7!

In this daily 3.5 hour drama camp, the two age groups will alternate between Creative Drama and Adventures in Speech Arts (1.5 hours in each class) with a supervised snack break in between classes. Instructors will modify individual classes to fit the age range of each group.

Creative Drama and Adventures Speech Arts perfectly demonstrate the benefits of arts education. Not only are they both fun and creative, they teach empowering skills students will use throughout their lives.

Drama Camp sessions will end with a casual and fun showcase for an audience of family and friends.

The two sessions will be individualized and different – so you can register your child for both weeks!

DATES:            MARCH 14 TO 18 and MARCH 21 TO 24

LOCATION:  Green Thumb Theatre|  5522 McKinnon Street, Vancouver (on the site of Sir Guy Carleton Elementary School)

COST:             March 14 to 18 : $150 |  March 21 to 24: $120


Creative Drama

Children will learn the fundamental techniques of stage acting and get a taste of improvisational drama. By creating scenes and characters as they think on their feet, students will learn to trust their impulses, instincts, and imagination. Students will discover a refreshing experience – where “mistakes” are half the fun. In this positive environment, failure quickly loses its sting, giving kids the confidence to take risks, step outside of their comfort zones and explore their imaginations.

Adventures in Speech Arts

Children will learn the foundations of Speech Arts while working on individual and/or group projects in the form of stories, poetry, and short dramatic scenes. These classes will give students the confidence to speak in front of an audience, and to understand the relationship between the audience and performer. Emphasis will be placed on breath, volume, articulation, inflection, gesture, eye contact, and body movement; and most importantly, building confidence.


For more information or to register your child, please call us 604-254-4055 or email: classes@greenthumb.bc.ca