Wired (elementary tour)

Damian has moved to a new school and is having a hard time making friends.  He transforms into a cooler version of himself through online role-playing games, social media, and a multitude of virtual friends.  He doesn’t see why he should try to make friends in real life.  When Damian has a seemingly innocent run-in with a girl at school, he finds himself in the cross-hairs of a humiliating cyberbullying campaign.  Suddenly, navigating his online world becomes just as complicated as real life.

Wired examines the consequences of our online actions and the decisions that are made when we can hide behind the computer screen.

by Betty Quan (bio)
1 Act – 3 Actors
Running Time: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Age Range: Grades 3 & up
Green Thumb Theatre is NOT an Agent for this play.


Damian – Curtis Tweedie

Julia/ Damian’s Mom – Jennica Grienke

Simon/ Mr.Valencia – Dan Willows


Recommended Audience: Grades 3 & up


  • Cyberbullying
  • Safe Schools
  • Internet Safety
  • Identity


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Letters from the students of Sperling Elementary, Burnaby, BC



Thank you for such an outstanding performance! We took 41 middle school summer readers to the Dixie at Huntington, Tennessee, to see the play Wired yesterday. Not only was the performance outstanding, but also the actors and actress answered questions from the students at the end of the performance. It was so very educational, personal, and memorable. Thank you for making such high quality theater available to young people, many of whom might not ever have this opportunity!

Carol Wirwa Librarian, Crockett County Middle School, Alamo, TN



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  1. “I really liked how you showed how fast cyber bullying can start getting out of hand.It was very educational and entertaining”

    Eve S.
  2. Just saw your play today at my daughter’s school. Absolutely fantastic. This opened up new doors for discussions on bullying and using computers, email and chat rooms. Awsome job

    Jaelee Treit, Surrey Christian School
  3. I found that your performance was very realistic. The performance really opened my eyes about what really happens on the internet, and how people don’t just get bullied in person but on the internet as well. Lots of people talk to people on the internet that they don’t even know. They reveal information about themselves to these people. Now, I think my class mates will realize that they should not talk to people they don’t know just so that they have more “friends.” I really enjoyed the performance, because of what it has taught me. THANKS!!!!

  4. I liked how there was a twist at the end and how the actors fit into all of it. I enjoyed the props like the cell phones. I enjoyed the script too. The actors were amazing. I think it was the best play i’ve ever seen.

    Tyler, West Wilkes Middle School
  5. This is very realistic it shows how people react when cyberbullying occurs.The props were great really detailed like the giant phone. This shows what you can do if this happens to you. If you need to show your child what can happen if your not careful take them to watch this play.All in all I give this play five out of five stars. I recommend this play to everyone.

    John, West Wilkes Middle School
  6. First of all i really enjoyed the play Wired.I think that they were good actors.I really believed the people and their acts.Also i think it showed how it really effects somebody and maybe it will prevent more cyberbullying.

    Madison, West Wilkes Middle School
  7. Our class really enjoyed the performance. There is enough important material to discuss as a class to last awhile! This is as urgent a message to get out to students as anything. Today’s student is a multi-tasker and communicator. “Wired” is a great springboard into a discussion that needs to take place all over the country. Thank you for coming to Maine!

    Mr. Fortin's Class, Canal School
  8. Earlier today you guys performed Wired at my school, and it was amazing! The characters were really thought out and the scenarios were very realistic. The giant phones and projecter made it even more enjoyable.

    Sarah, Jessie Lee Elementary
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  10. I really liked your performance!!!!My friends and i really liked it and they said it was really funny!!!

    Jennifer General Brock P.S Toronto
    • Hi Jennifer!
      Thank-you so much for your feedback! We’re so glad that you and your friends enjoyed “Wired”!

      -Curtis (Damien)

      Robyn Lamb
  11. We hope you come back next Year! We will always remember your presentation!And by the way: GOOD JOB! 🙂

    Jennifer General Brock P.S Toronto
    • Thanks Jennifer! We had a blast at your school, and we’d love to come back!

      Robyn Lamb
  12. My classmates and i really liked how you did the Arnold voice!!❀ And how the clothing is designed!!♫♫♫♫

    Jennifer General Brock P.S Toronto
  13. your show is the funniest in my life

    • Thank you so much Mark! Glad you enjoyed it.

      Robyn Lamb
  14. Hi guys I am from D.A Morrison and i just saw your play and it was amazing you guys stayed in character perfectly and gave us a good laugh.Thanks again for comming to our school and persenting this to us. Thank You

    School: D.A Morrison
    Teacher: Mr.Neves

  15. When is your next tour and were does it start?

    Alex Aylward
  16. Thnx for presenting in D.A Morrison Middle school. I really liked your presentation it was really nice. I think what you guys are doing is very helpful to people who expiearence cryberybullying

  17. I really enjoyed the play. 😀 I learn alot of things from it. Like be careful about what you do on the internet.

    School : D. A. Morrison

  18. Hey guys, i just saw your presentation. It was clearly presented and really effective. I hope you guys can come back next year with another great presentation.

    (D.A Morrison)

  19. D.A Morrison middle school
    I used to go to the secord, the one in Toronto. I really love your play! It was so awesome! I love curtis’ acting 🙂 also your voices are so awesome!!!!!!! Come back always!! How do you train your voices so well? Do you have any suggestions on how to support any bullying problems? Thanks 😀

    Fabiha (Mrs. Styles) (D.A Morrison, Mr. Neves)
  20. Why is your company called Green thumb?????????????

    school: D.A Morrison

    Tasfiq Jasimuddin
  21. Hi Guys,
    I am from D.A Morrison, and I saw your presentation today. It was “AMAZING”. I loved how you guys stayed in charecter perfectly, you guys were really funny, and I loved that you guys were so convincing and entertaining. “You guys were fantasic”.
    School: D.A Morrison
    Teacher: Lionel Neves

  22. Thank you for coming to our school and preforming!!! I really liked how your play demonstrated cyber bullying and how fast cyber bullying can start. Hope you can come to our school again to present!!!!

    Samin (D.A Morrison, Mr.Neves)
  23. Thanks for coming and performing at our school! That was very well done and a very good plot. Learned a lot about cyberbullying and how dangerous it can be. 😀 Very educational!

    Meem (D.A Morrison, Mr. Neves)
  24. i liked that you brought out how cyber bulling is really bad and how it could be a big problum.

    Rupok Roy
  25. You taught us how even though you are behind a screen you can be discovered so think before posting or doing any thing online.

    D.A Morrison

  26. Hi Guys,
    I am from D.A Morrison, and I saw your presentation today. It was “AMAZING”. I loved how you guys stayed in charecter perfectly, you guys were really funny, and I loved that you guys were so convincing and entertaining. “You guys were fantasic”.
    School: D.A Morrison
    Teacher: Lionel Neves

  27. your performance was really funny and you made it look real realistic you guys sounded like proffesional actors it was really good when damian fell when that bully pushed him it looked sooooo realistic

    marina (east york)
  28. you performance was just per-fect.

    diana (east york)
  29. I liked your amazing play.
    You guys were amazing. Can you please come again to DA Morrison Middle School with same actors. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

    Khush from DA Morrison Middle School 7b
  30. Your performance was educational and entertaining. It really stood out to cyber bulling and how dangerous this can be.I liked how your play shared a scenario that can happen to many people.

    D.A Morrison Mr. Neves (mahzabin and adneen)
  31. I like your play

    Ayan Akhand D.A MORISSON -Mr Neves
  32. Hello! I really loved the play! First of all, I’d like to say that I enjoyed watching. I really liked how their were specific props and great acting. I was very impressed that you guys changed so fast! Your emotions and exaggeration showed the audience more about the play. The moral of this play was great for students like me to learn. Although this is a new generation where we use technology more, this is a great time to tell students about this so that they know what to do when they are being cyber-bullied.

  33. This was the best performance at our school so far. It was a really funny performance/comedy and it taught us about how cyber bullying can happen. Our favorite character/performer in this play or performance was Damian or Curtis Tweedie. We really enjoyed the play because it was really funny. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for coming to our school Amesbury to perform this.

    Christian and Tayven
  34. it was a really nice and funny play.

  35. I enjoyed this production very much! I thought it was entertaining and
    teaching us about the problems you have on the internet and real life.
    I would love Wired to come back to our school again.

    -Ahlaam Ali

    Ahlaam Ali
  36. Thank you for coming to our school and performing i thought u guys were amazing, i hope you guys can come next year. I want you to email me back and i wanted to ask how do u do the big jump.

  37. We really enjoyed seeing the show! My class was amazed at the props and the quick costume changes. What a great way to get out the message about being safe online!

    Mrs. Brohart
  38. the show was very cool and the acting was amazing

  39. thx for coming to our school. do u guys have facebook. ur bruce lee was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I liked your play. :). I also liked when Damian (Curtis Tweedie) came on the stage and did hie Burce Lee inpression.

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