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Green Thumb is an agent for following plays:

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Zednick, Peter
Time After Time
Walker, George F.
Moss Park
Problem Child
Thomas, Colin
One Thousand Cranes
Two Weeks, Twice a Year
Sher, Emil
Hanna's Suitcase
Riml, Michele
Cool Invisible Girl, the
Skinny Lie, The
Tree Boy
Bellefuile, Robert
The Beauty Machine
Caroll, John
Portrait of an Adult as a Young Kid
Cooper, Beverley
Thin Ice
Corbett, Shawn
Separate Development
Dennis, Darryl
Tales of an Urban Indian
Deveau, Dave
Celestial Being
Out in the Open
Foon, Dennis
Bedtimes and Bullies
Chasing the Money
Feeling Yes, Feeling No
Invisible Kids
Mirror Game
New Canadian Kid
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Windigo
Fulford, Robin
Steel Kiss
Gardiner, Meghan
Blind Spot
Role Call
Gatchalian C.E
People like Vince
Homan, David
Drink the Mercury Frankie's Friends
The Disappeared
James, Joanne
Square Eyes
Keller, Bruce
Puppy Love
Lazarus, John
Guilty Secrets
Night Light
Not So Dumb
Schoolyard Games
Laxdal, Vivienne
Ruby and the Rock
Macleod, Joan
The Shape of a Girl
Miler, Colleen
Crusader of the World
Murphy, Colleen
December Man
Panych, Morris
2 B Wut U R
Cost of Living
Life Science
Quan, Betty