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Running Time:
Grades 8+
50 min + 10 min Q&A
Postponed to 2021-22 Season Contact our Tour Manager, touring@greenthumb.bc.ca for more information
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Curriculum Connections:
Modern Masculinity | Anger Management

Raised with his sister by their single mom, Jackson has been the man of the house for as long as he can remember. But that kind of responsibility is a lot for a young man to take on, and the pressure leaves Jackson with a temper he can’t control. After being involved in one too many fights, Jackson’s mother decides he needs an outlet, and enrols him in boxing classes at the local gym. With the help of Coach, Jackson learns the value of discipline, dedication, and self-control - but can he apply these lessons outside the ring? After an altercation on a bus Jackson’s entire life changes in the blink of an eye. Backed by a live drummer, BLINK! is a non-stop tour de force that delves into the topics of anger, aggression, and justice, challenging audiences to examine their ideas of masculinity in a modern world.

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Photos of Charlie Gallant in BLINK! by Bronwyn Carradine. Photos by Tim Matheson.

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