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The international hip-hop sensation is back.

Production Details

Running Time:
Grade 7 +
50 min + 10min Q&A
October 4 - 8, 2021 - Digital Broadcast
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Curriculum Connections:
Mental Health | Addiction | Social Justice | Social Responsibility
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Stan, a.k.a. “Definition” is a rising freestyle MC – or at least he was, until his life’s passion lost out to his drug habit. Now on the road to recovery and preparing for a come-back show, Stan confronts his demons and recounts his harrowing journey through the wild highs and deep lows of addiction. Featuring a live DJ, spoken word, and hip hop, this pulse-pounding, full-sensory experience deals in the brutal realities of addiction and drug culture, and the redemption that can lie in recovery. This highly popular production has been updated for digital presentation and includes content addressing the current fentanyl and opioid crises. Join us for this timely view into addiction and celebrity in an era of TikTok and 15-minute fame. As addiction weaves its way through communities across Canada, this powerful piece is more relevant than ever.

Post-show conversation facilitated by Addictions Counsellor Jordana Jackson (Alliance Clinic, Surrey).

Each performance accompanied by a comprehensive resource guide.

Content advisory: discussion of drug addiction and recovery, overdose, some strong language.

Click here to read a Q & A with co-directors Rachel Aberle and Daniela Atiencia

Creative Team:

Chirag Naik as Stan

Stephanie Wong as DJ

Playwright: Michael P. Northey

Original Songs and Lyrics: Kyprios and Chin Injeti

Co-Directors: Daniela Atiencia & Rachel Aberle

Set Design: Justus Hayes

Lighting Designer: Jacob Wan

Lighting Technical Director/ Associate Lighting Designer: John Webber

Company Manager: Geoff Jones

Production Coordinator: Siobhan Powell

Audio Engineer: Steve Bulat

Video Specialist: Jordan Watkins

Livestream Technician: Peter Carlone

Digital Chat Moderator: Melissa McCowell

Addictions Counsellor and Talkback Facilitator: Jordana Jackson

“Praiseworthy” – The New York Times

“Exceptional” – Toronto Star

“Candid and compelling” – Australian Stage

“Exhumes the horrors of drug addiction without pandering or moralizing” – Variety

Cranked has been performed over 400 times for more than 125,000 people internationally.


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Photos of Chirag Naik, Stephanie Wong in Cranked by Michael P. Northey. Photos by Sarah Race. Set Design by Justus Hayes. Lighting Design by Jacob Wan.

Recent Comments
Joan MacLean
May 14, 2019

My students were blown away by the calibre of this performance. It was great to have you at our school. Drama class, Creative Writing class, Art class and Philosophy class were enthusiastic to discuss how much they were transfixed by the show. Well done!

Reply: Green Thumb Theatre

Thank you so much Joan! We're so pleased to hear that our show resonated with your students. They were a pleasure to perform for!

May 2, 2019

Are they going to make a movie of this because I would watch it!

Reply: Green Thumb Theatre

Hi there! Currently there are no plans to make a movie of CRANKED, but we're so glad you liked the show!

May 1, 2019

Long, never really got to a point and the acting was way overdramatized to the point where you start to cringe.

Reply: Green Thumb Theatre

Hi Jerry, Thanks so much for taking the time to write. Good or bad, we always really appreciate hearing feedback from the people who see our shows.

Jessica Yee
April 5, 2019

I thought the show had a very powerful message and they portrayed the struggles of drug users very effectively.

Green Thumb Theatre

Thanks Jessica! So glad you enjoyed the show.

April 3, 2019

Hi Green Thumb... I didn't really like this show. It made me very uncomfortable and there was no form sent home to talk about this sensitive subject.

Green Thumb Theatre

Hi Filip - Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear that the show made you uncomfortable. It definitely touches on some pretty heavy hitting stuff. We actually do have some take home materials for audience members. Right here on this page, if you click the tab that says "Download Study Guide" you'll get our entire comprehensive study guide. If you're looking for some help with any of the issues touched on in the play, there is a "Resources" section that starts on page 17 of the study guide. If you're feeling like you need to talk to someone, we suggest you take a look at kidshelphone.ca - Canada's only 24/7, national support service. They have a phone line, live chat, and a bunch of great resources. Hope that info is able to help you out, and thanks again for reaching out.

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