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Running Time:
Grades 8+
50 min + 10 min Q & A
Spring 2024
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Curriculum Connections:
Social Awareness and Responsibility | Personal Awareness and Responsibility | Positive Personal and Cultural Identity | Communicating

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From the outside, best pals Jacob and Bex may seem like an odd pairing: Jacob is queer and comes from a wealthy family, while Bex is straight and working class – yet they’ve navigated the minefield of high school together, venting about annoying boys and being passionate advocates for LGBTQ+ causes around their school. On the first day of Grade 12, Bex shares their journey with their gender identity with Jacob – and the world. Will this change Bex and Jacob's friendship forever? Or maybe just for now? FOR NOW is a touching and funny play for youth that explores issues of gender, sexuality, and privilege among two best friends.

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Illustrations by Grae Salisbury

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