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Running Time:
45 min + 10 min Q&A
Postponed to 2021-22 Season Contact our Tour Manager, touring@greenthumb.bc.ca for more information
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Curriculum Connections:
Self Image | Friendship

Zoey and Leah are best friends. They have been inseparable since kindergarten. But at the beginning of grade six something has changed. Leah begins to hang out with Makayla, the fashion leader and most popular girl in school, and soon finds herself buying new outfits and posting pictures on her new fashion app, in the hopes of gaining “likes” and “followers”. This new comedy from the author of last year’s hit, WHAT IF, takes a close look at how young girls can become obsessed with their perception of who they are and how they are seen, both on social media and in school. Join Zoey, Leah, Madame Lagrange, Makayla, and Coach Dana as they try to understand the pressures of finding out who you are in a world that is obsessed with body image and social media “likes”.

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Photos of Agnes Tong, Heidi Damayo and Lauren Jackson in Like it or Not by Katey Hoffman. Photos by Tim Matheson.

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