How do you tell the difference between "teen angst" and mental illness when the line between them looks razor thin?

Production Details

Running Time:
Grades 8 +
50 min + 10 min Q&A
Spring 2020
Curriculum Connections:
Mental Health | Self Esteem | Family Relationships | Communication

Touring Manitoba as part of Manitoba Theatre for Young People’s 2018-19 season


Nina has a great life. She loves her family, she does well in school, and her friends are awesome. But suddenly Nina starts feeling… off, and she finds herself slipping into a dark reality she cannot understand, let alone articulate to the people around her. STILL/FALLING follows Nina as she tries to come to terms with what it means to struggle with anxiety and depression, and to rise above it with as much strength, and as few scars, as possible. A realistic, honest and bitingly funny look at the difference between ‘teen angst’ and mental illness and the ways vulnerable kids can start to find their way out of the dark.

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