Every day, Nicky wakes up with knots in her stomach and worries in her brain. While most kids can’t wait for recess so they can hit the playground, anxious Nicky would rather spend her time safely hidden away in the school’s sick room with her Big Book of Birds. In the sick room, Nicky can enjoy her routine in peace and quiet – but when Milo, a rambunctious boy with diabetes, comes barreling into her life, Nicky’s peace and quiet turns to chaos! At first, these polar opposites’ worlds collide, but as time goes on, cautious Nicky and adventurous Milo both come to discover they may have more to learn from each other than they think.

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October 10, 2018

hey i just watched a show today in captain cook elementary school and i just want to know the names (or instagram) of the young amazing actors who played nicky and milo. i loved milo's little puppet too.

A heartfelt comedy about making friends and overcoming social anxiety.

Production Details

Running Time:
Grade K - 7
40 min + 10min Q&A
Fall 2018
Curriculum Connections:


Call:  +1 604 254 4055

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