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See what audiences and community members have to say about Green Thumb Theatre!
I can't even explain how much it affected me... I didn't understand a lot about anxiety or depression before I saw the play, so it was really amazing and eye opening to see and hear what it was like to feel that way.
- Secondary School Student, on STILL/FALLING
"Our Grade 8 - 12 students were engaged throughout the whole show. THE CODE met them exactly where they were at and encouraged them to consider the impacts of online/gendered harassment.
- Tamara, Secondary School Counsellor, on THE CODE
I appreciate the fact that Green Thumb puts together performances which demonstrate skills in acting while also giving our students some important ideas to engage with. This particular performance was perfect to help us address some behaviours we have been experiencing.
- AJ, ELL Teacher, on THE CODE
It was crazy how real this play felt. The acting was phenomenal. It had me, and everyone else I talk to thinking that the actor himself was telling a true story about himself. I’ve seen many presentations on drugs, but none like this. This one got everyone’s attention and was spoken in a dialect a teen would use, which allows us to comprehend it in our own way. This actually hit home for me because a majority of the dialogue reminded me of an immediate family member.”
- Student, on CRANKED
“This show fit in perfectly with our PE 8/9 mental health curriculum. It gave our students a real life look at mental health in relation to anxiety and depression. It is so helpful to have a performance like this one in helping students understand the challenges faced by many of their peers. It is one thing to talk about it, another to see it.”
– Gayle, Secondary School Counsellor, on STILL/FALLING
It was fantastic. The set was innovative, simple and so effective. The two actors were great, funny, poignant and the students were super engaged. The show is so well written, capturing the challenges of anxiety and the importance of friendship. Also very witty.”
- Kevin, Elementary School Principal, on WHAT IF
I really liked the play. I also have a connection with Nicky. I get nervous in front of big crowds.
- Grade 2 Student, on WHAT IF
“I have always found Green Thumb theatre to be excellent and thought-provoking. The theatre isn't always easy, and it allows for moments of discomfort- it provides authentic, timely, relevant fuel for the discussions and activities that teachers follow-up with.”
- Mika, Elementary School Vice-Principal
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