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What does it mean to be part of the in-crowd?

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Running Time:
Grade 8 +
50 min + 10min Q&A
Fall 2024
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Curriculum Connections:
Personal Awareness and Responsibility | Social Awareness and Responsibility | Communication | Critical and Reflective Thinking

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What does it mean to be part of the in crowd? In an imaginary letter to her absent older brother, Braidie struggles to understand news stories about the torture and murder of a local teenage girl and how the brutality she sees in the headlines is reflected in her own friend group. Revisiting memories, Braidie tracks her own complicity and participation in the bullying of one girl, and considers what it means to go too far. THE SHAPE OF A GIRL challenges audiences to interrogate their capacity to both help and harm others and to be brave when standing up for what is right. As relevant as ever, Green Thumb Theatre premiered THE SHAPE OF A GIRL over 20 years ago, and the piece has since gone on to hundreds of productions worldwide

Each performance accompanied by a comprehensive resource guide.

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Illustrations by Grae Salisbury

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