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Code of Conduct

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Green Thumb Theatre

Organization Code of Conduct

The Board of Green Thumb Theatre is committed to guiding an organization focused on respect, tolerance, inclusion, creativity and engagement. The Code of Conduct is an active commitment to demonstrating those principles and attributes in the workplace, in artistic and creative endeavors, and around the Board table. The Code of Conduct outlines a threshold of expectations, and will guide the work and professional relationships that we share. The Code will also provide a source of direction to resolve differences that may arise. Staff, artists, contractors and members of the Board will renew their commitment to the Green Thumb Code of Conduct annually. 

The Green Thumb Theatre Code of Conduct is one of the ways we put Green Thumb’s values into practice. Green Thumb Theatre is committed to creating a safe and respectful working environment with the understanding that people’s safety is essential for work that can be challenging. Courtesy, integrity, and respect for the needs of all Green Thumb personnel is at the forefront of Green Thumb Theatre. 

As a company that strives for artistic excellence and whose work often deals with sensitive subject matter, we value challenge as an integral part of the artistic process. A degree of discomfort can be expected when working through challenge, and we want all members of the company and artistic team to know that they are safe and supported when working through challenge and discomfort together. The physical and mental wellbeing of all Green Thumb personnel shall be a priority to allow everyone to operate at their best. Any elements requiring action are detailed in the Personnel Policy and accompanying Appendices. 

1. Safe and Healthy Workplace 

We are committed to a safe, healthy and violence-free working environment, supported by our Anti- Oppression & Anti-Harassment Policy and policies regarding COVID-19 and Mandatory Vaccination. 

2. Freedom of Expression and Respect 

Green Thumb employees, contractors, artists and board members are encouraged to express any discomfort or disrespect they may experience in the workplace. Individuals have the autonomy to voice concerns and to express when they are not comfortable with certain rhetoric and/or nicknames. 

3. Personal Identities and Lived Experiences 

Staff, contractors and management will respect one another’s identities and lived experiences. Pronouns will be respected, and discussions regarding race, gender, sexuality, etc. will centre on the perspectives and well-being of individuals from these intersecting communities and identities. 

4. Communication 

Green Thumb personnel and management will strive to support open communication throughout the organization. Staff are encouraged to express their limitations and to find realistic solutions to workload capacity with management. 

5. Working Hours 

Green Thumb personnel shall respect the working hours of their departments within the organization and communicate to other team members if approved working hours are to be modified. Staff, artists and contractors will respect the time of fellow employees and management by arriving to work on time and meeting deadlines as scheduled, and/or communicating clearly and honestly when arrival times or deadlines cannot be met. If staff, artists or contractors are regularly missing arrival times or deadlines, the matter should be brought to the attention of management. Green Thumb personnel are not expected to answer emails outside of working hours unless previously discussed with Management. 

6. Conflict Resolution 

Green Thumb has a conflict resolution mechanism in place which can be found in the Anti-Oppression & Anti-Harassment Policy. This includes the process to follow should a conflict not have been resolved in an informal manner, and shall also take Protection of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation into consideration, as discussed in Appendix H- Personnel Policy. 

7. Accountability 

Accountability for individual conduct, and commitment to establishing an inclusive, equitable and welcoming working environment, rooted in the principles of anti-oppression, and anti-racism is at the forefront of Green Thumb Theatre’s operations and culture. Staff, artists, contractors, management and board are expected to hold themselves accountable to principles of inclusion, integrity and respect, and will remain open to constructive feedback when their actions do not meet company standards. 

8. Drugs and Alcohol 

The consumption of drugs or alcohol is prohibited during working hours. Staff, board, contractors and artists will not come to work under the influence of any legal or illegal substances. 

9. Confidentiality of information 

Any information related to Green Thumb Theatre, its employees, contractors, artists, board of directors, suppliers and donors is to be treated as confidential. Information relating to other organizations or individuals that you have access to while working at Green Thumb Theatre is likewise confidential. Once you leave Green Thumb, you must not use any confidential information belonging to the Theatre. 

10. Personal Integrity 

While employed at Green Thumb Theatre, all personnel must adhere to the highest level of honesty, integrity, and ethical standards. Green Thumb personnel should be aware of their conduct both in and outside the workplace to ensure that it does not negatively impact Green Thumb’s reputation. 

11. Youth Audience Members & Schools Grounds 

Green Thumb personnel will practice safe engagement with youth audience members and respect the rules and protocols of each individual school and/or venue. This includes refraining from contacting or accepting correspondence from young audience members and/or educators. All Green Thumb personnel shall respect the privacy of the youth audience members with whom they interact. 

12. Social Media 

Green Thumb Theatre’s Social Media Policy was created in the interests of protecting the privacy of all Green Thumb personnel and audience members and the integrity of the Theatre’s public image, while maintaining the freedom of artists and contractors to express themselves. Green Thumb personnel shall respect this aforementioned policy. 

Employees, contractors, artists and board members shall review and re-commit to the Company Code of Conduct annually, or on a contract basis. Any breach of this Code of Conduct could result in disciplinary measures and possible dismissal.