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In-Person Elementary and Secondary School Presentations

How long is the performance?

Our performances are approximately 1 hour long and this includes a 10 to 15 minute Q&A period at the end of the performance.

How much set up time do you require?

We arrive 1 hour prior to our scheduled performance time to put up our set and get the space ready for our performance. After the show, we need another 30 minutes to pack up and clear the space. In total, you will need to block off 2.5 hours of time for our set-up, performance, and pack up.

Where can you perform?

We can perform in gyms, auditoriums, and theatre studios. We have also sometimes performed in multipurpose rooms, or even libraries or large classrooms. If you don’t have a gym or auditorium at your school, contact us and we will see if we can make a performance work in your space.

Can gym classes/sports/practices/rehearsals be happening in the space while you set-up and take down your set?

Unfortunately, no. We do require full access to the space for the entire 2.5 hours. You will need to make sure this is communicated to everyone at the school. This is for you students’ safety as well as for that of the performers.

How much space do you require to perform?

The minimum performance space required is 7.5m wide (25’) x 7.5m deep (25’) with a height of 5m (16’). If you do not have a space this size, please contact us to see if we can adjust to fit your performance space. We also require a dressing room or bathroom that is reserved only for the use of the cast. It’s great if this can be near the performance space, but staff washrooms are also acceptable. 

Do we need to provide any audio or lighting equipment?

No. Our performances are self-contained with any audio equipment that we require traveling with us. Our performances are also made to be presented in gym lighting. That being said, if we are in an auditorium or theatre space, we are always happy to use a simple lighting wash or to patch through the auditorium speakers if available.

When can students arrive in the performance space?

We ask that teachers bring their classes to the performance space 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled performance time. Please be sure to follow the stage manager’s instructions about how far forward or to the sides students should sit. These boundaries have been set in order to ensure everyone watching has the best view possible.

Do we need to turn off bells and PA announcements?

Yes, please! If you have the ability to turn off all bells, announcements, and HVAC systems, this will ensure the best performance for everyone. We understand that some systems cannot be controlled on site, but the less interruptions, the better!

How does the performance start?

It is great if a principal or other school representative can introduce us and offer a Land Acknowledgment, if that is your practice. After the school representative speaks, our stage manager will also give a short, preshow speech which includes a land acknowledgement of where our offices and studios are based.

Can we take pictures during or after the performance?

Unfortunately, no. Not only are photos during a performance distracting for the audience and performers, but they also violate copyright laws for our performers and designers. Please be sure to inform all educators and students ahead of time that photos and recording are not allowed. We also make an announcement from stage.

How do you transport your set? What do you need to get your set and supplies into the performance space?

Our entire cast and set travels in a Sprinter van. When we arrive at the school, we need a parking spot or loading zone reserved as close to the performance space as possible. Please make sure that any gates are unlocked/opened before we arrive so that we can have clear access to the performance location. It is also important to make sure that students are kept away from the loading area, especially if we are setting up or taking down during recess or lunch. Our show days are often quite busy with 2 performances in different locations. For this reason, it is not always possible for us to wait until after recess or lunch to load in or take down our set.

Do you need any help with load in or take down?

Our casts are trained to set-up and take down the set in the time that we have allotted. However, we are always happy to have a group of 4 or 5 responsible, mature students help us carry smaller items to and from the van. This is a great chance for students who are interested in the performing arts to talk to the cast and gain a better understanding of how touring works. Students can also help by setting up any chairs for teachers or benches at the back of the gym for intermediate students, as per each individual schools’ preference.  

How much does a performance cost to book?

Email touring@greenthumb.bc.ca to learn more. Booking directly through Green Thumb is the most cost-effective way to book!

Do I have to remember all this information when I book a show?

No, you don’t. Once you book a show, we send you another document with all this information as well as a resource and activity guide, closer to your performance date. If you are the main arts contact for the school, please be sure to forward the study guide and any pertinent information to the others educators who will be taking students to the performance.