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A Green Thumb Theatre favourite returns!

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Running Time:
Grades K-7
45 min + 10 min Q&A
Spring 2025
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Curriculum Connections:
Creative Thinking | Collaboration | Personal Awareness and Responsibility

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Lance is the smartest kid in grade six, and he never misses an opportunity to show off his vocabulary. Sylvia is a daydreamer in grade three, who is always coming up with fantastical worlds, but doesn’t always have the words to bring her stories to life. When Lance’s teacher assigns him Sylvia as a reading buddy, he would rather spend the time focusing on writing a prize-winning entry for the school’s story competition. But when Lance can’t think of a story on his own, it’s Sylvia’s vibrant imagination that creates a whole world of magic for him to draw inspiration from. Learning together, the unlikely pair create something neither of them could have come up with on their own. In the end, Sylvia starts to overcome her fear of reading, and Lance learns that the biggest word isn’t always the smartest word, and that you really can’t judge a person until you get to know them

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Illustrations by Grae Salisbury

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