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Accountability Report

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Green Thumb Theatre

Action Items: Accountability Report

Green Thumb Theatre Anti-Racism Action Items – Accountability Report No. 1

Action Items Released: July 2021 | Date of Accountability Report: November 2021

- Finalize and publicize a clear, transparent anti-oppression and anti-discrimination policy, company code of conduct, and incident reporting procedures. Once released, all information contained in these policies will live in a dedicated space on Green Thumb’s website.

- Whenever possible, all staff positions, audition notices, and contractor open calls will be posted online for a minimum of 30 days to allow for a broader reach and to open Green Thumb up to artists and contractors we have not had access to in the past.

Status: IN PROGRESS – while efforts have been made to implement this policy across all postings, in some cases postings have been shy of this goal.


- Regularly post audition notices for upcoming productions, rather than solely pulling from general auditions and prior knowledge. Artists known to us may be invited to audition in tandem with posted auditions, but shall not be relied upon as a sole means of casting shows.



- Prioritize the interviewing and hiring of racialized applicants in general, and strategically earmark opportunities specifically for BIPOC applicants when appropriate. Transparently communicate these practices in calls for proposals/submissions.

Status: ONGOING – this is an ongoing action item that requires attention and effort year over year. Success has been achieved in these early months, but this work will never be ‘complete’.


- In addition to the land acknowledgement that exists on our website, Green Thumb will create a meaningful land acknowledgement for all productions moving forward.

Status: IN PROGRESS – Green Thumb has implemented a land acknowledgement for productions but is continuing work to ensure we create a land acknowledgement that is personal to the company and not simply a boilerplate statement.

- Establish a Racial Equity Advisory Committee comprised of Board Members, staff, active Green Thumb community members (particularly BIPOC), sector leaders on anti-oppression and/or other interested individuals to develop and implement an annual review of how Green Thumb is living up to its anti-oppression commitments. The review should identify best and principled practices, and/or key areas for improvement within Green Thumb policy and practice, outline clear and concrete recommendations within a specified timeframe, and identify the steps needed to meet these recommendations.

Status: ACTION REQUIRED – creation of this group will be a key priority in the 21-22 season.


- Seek funding for a rolling leadership training position reserved specifically for racialized applicants. Applicable roles include Associate Artistic Director, Associate General Manager, Associate Production Manager, etc.
Status: IN PROGRESS – funding application recently submitted to facilitate this action item, results pending.

- Secure funding/manage budgets to consistently hire outside directors and/or assistant directors with the goal of increasing BIPOC representation on artistic teams.

Status: IMPLEMENTED – Green Thumb’s 2021-22 season was budgeted to include a co-director,
assistant director and outside director on three separate shows, hiring practices prioritized representation of BIPOC and other marginalized communities.


- Secure/earmark funding for an Indigenous consultant to work on a methodology for Green Thumb to be a respectful visitor on other territories when on tour.

Status: REQUIRES ACTION – currently seeking viable funding sources to realize this item.

- Consult with past BIPOC and other contractors who experience marginalization who have toured about what kind of support they would appreciate while touring outside their home region with limited access to on the ground support.

Status: REQUIRES ACTION – while informal anecdotal conversations have taken place, a formalized intake of information must be created and disseminated.

- Implement annual mandatory training at a staff and board level and key contractor level.

Status: IN PROGRESS – Green Thumb’s annual training for 2020-21 was comprised of our training sessions with Cambium Arts & Education. Discussions are underway regarding what training will take place during the 2021-22 season.


- Seek funding and/or partnerships with other local theatre companies to host racial equity training and workshops for Green Thumb alumni and/or other members of the Vancouver theatre community.



- Seek collaborations with BIPOC artists and BIPOC led theatre companies where the experiences and perspectives of BIPOC artists are prioritized.

Status: IN PROGRESS – this is an ongoing action item that requires attention and effort year over year. Success has been achieved in these early months in relationships with independent artists, but collaborations with BIPOC led theatre companies have not yet begun.


- Implement a yearly accountability report alongside the Annual Report to formalize a space to share information on progress/setbacks.



- Engage in active, strategic Board recruitment to increase BIPOC representation at a Board level, without engaging in tokenization.

Status: IN PROGRESS – board recruitment is a key priority in 2021-22 and is being conducted with a respectful, thoughtful approach.