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Zednick, Peter
About the show:

Running Time: 50 min | Grade Range: 9 & Up

Touring: Currently not touring

Actors: 3 

BRAINSTORM follows a teenager’s emotional and inspiring journey in the aftermath of her first epileptic seizure. The play looks at how the event affects her ambitions, expectations, friendships and relationships. Trudy is a happy, confident, smart 16 year old with an active social life. She looks forward to being able to drive, taking lessons and working at a part time job in order to buy a car. Her stable life is turned upside down when she experiences a series of seizures and is diagnosed with epilepsy. Not knowing how to deal with the situation, she shuts out her friends and is too embarrassed to tell them about her disorder. The threat of seizures intrudes her daily life, affecting her work, school and social life. Eventually she comes to realise that it’s not her fault and that there is no need for epilepsy to hold her back from a normal life. The British Columbia Epilepsy Society originally commissioned this play in 1998. A Fall 2000 Tour was produced in association with the Society.

Curriculum Connections: Self Esteem | Loneliness | Identity Crisis | Peer Pressure | Epilepsy 

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