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Holman, David
About the show:

Running Time: One Act (time N/A) | Grade Range: K-4

Touring: Currently not touring

Actors: 4 (11 characters) 

DESPERADOES is a charming and lively play derived from the Brothers Grimm story The Musicians of Bremen.  Young audiences will be delighted to follow the journey of four country animals that overcome their differences and their perceived disabilities to band together and overcome adversity.An old donkey that lives in the countryside and likes to dance learns from a traveling musician that his talents would be in great demand in the city. When he overhears that his master is planning to replace him with a younger donkey he decides to make his escape and join a musical band in Nottingham. Along the way he rescues three other animals whose masters have also grown tired of them: a dog that has been left tied to a tree, a cat thrown into the river in a sack, and a rooster about to be roasted on a spit.  The donkey encourages the animals to come with him to the city and join a musical band.

The four new friends become lost and hungry while traveling through Sherwood Forest. They come across a cozy house built deep in the woods.  Through the window they see three robbers with large sacks of money, which the starving creatures mistake for food. The animals are so happy to find shelter, they begin to sing. The cacophony of their noise convinces the robbers that they have been caught by the sheriff of Nottingham and they disappear into the night. Later on the robbers return to retrieve the sacks, but are thwarted in their attempts when they disturb the sleeping animals. When the contents of the sacks turn out to be gold coins, the creative creatures celebrate their good fortune and give thanks to the old donkey who brought them all together. 

Curriculum Connections: Creativity | Imagination | Self Esteem

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