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Smith, Campbell
About the show:

Running Time: Two Acts (time N/A) | Grade Range: 7 and Up

Touring: Currently not touring

Actors: 12

Playwright Campbell Smith spent six months interviewing teens in high schools, living on the streets, in group homes and detention centers throughout the Vancouver area. Juve was written incorporating these first-hand accounts of life as a teenager. Although the play was written in 1979, it still exemplifies the timeless issues that face teenagers. Dated references to world issues in the script can be updated as needed. With the use of short vignettes, stories and songs, subjects such as peer pressure, drug addiction, sex, teenage pregnancy, teen prostitution, homosexuality, broken homes, religious cults and many others are raised and dealt with in a clear and mature manner.

JUVE can provide educators with a valuable tool for encouraging students to share stories about issues they face with their peers. The play allows teenagers to observe that by working together they can meet those challenges and move forward.

NOTES: *Lyrics to songs are provided, but musical score is not available; producers must compose own music. *Script includes strong and frank language.

Curriculum Connections: Family Relationships | Substance Abuse | Body Image | Pregnancy | Peer Pressure | Sexuality | Friendship | Addiction


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