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Legends of the Northern Swamp

Tamblyn, Ian
About the show:

Running Time: One Act (time N/A) | Grade Range: K - 8

Touring: Currently not touring

Actors: 4 ( 2 males, 2 females )

THE LEGENDS OF THE NORTHERN SWAMP are allegorical stories that blend fantasy and reality to raise awareness of environmental and community concerns. In Part One: The Adventures of Emily Brontesaurus, Tamblyn creates an enjoyable tale by bringing together a community of colourful mythological creatures collaborating to protect their community values. Part Two Frank Frog and the Mountain of Doom is a humourous yet suspenseful tale that reveals the vulnerability of our eco-systems and the importance of their preservation. Audiences will gain a better understanding of man’s effect on the environment and the animals and plants that reside in it. In Part One, a dinosaur who lives with her friends in a swamp in Northern Ontario. The adventure begins when two mismatched moose hunters from the Deep South discover some of Emily’s tracks and believe that her capture will lead them to wealth and recognition back home. Three of the residents of the swamp, Mia Sparrow, J.D. Salamander and Freddy the Frog must work together to develop a strategy to ensure that their favourite dinosaur remains a part of their community. In Part Two, long-time swamp resident Frank Frog devises a plan to save his community from being destroyed by a mountain of garbage. Frank, his wife Felicity, and neighbours Mia Sparrow and J.D. Salamander must all work quickly to stop the destruction of their habitat. By combining efforts of all the flora and fauna in the swamp, will Frank and his friends save the community in time?

Curriculum Connections: The Environment 

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