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Green Thumb is in week two of workshops for CRANKED by Michael P. Northey. We're working on adapting the show to present a top quality livestream this October. We are delighted to be connecting with new and returning artists to work through the details of an updated script and sound design, as well as all-new lighting design.

CRANKED will be available to secondary schools in this fall --contact touring@greenthumb.bc.ca for more information, or to book your conversation starter today.

Check out some snaps from the rehearsal process below!


By Michael P. Northey with hip hop artists Kyprios and Stylust

Stan, a.k.a. “Definition” is a rising freestyle MC – or at least he was, until his life’s passion lost out to his drug habit. Now on the road to recovery and preparing for a come-back show, Stan confronts his demons and recounts his harrowing journey through the wild highs and deep lows of addiction. Using spoken word and hip hop, this pulse-pounding, full-sensory experience deals in the brutal realities of addiction and drug culture, and the redemption that can lie in recovery. This highly popular production has been updated for digital presentation and includes content addressing the current fentanyl and opioid crises. As addiction weaves its way through communities across BC, this powerful piece is more timely than ever.

DJ Stephanie Wong, Assistant Director Daniela Atiencia, Director Rachel Aberle, Stage Manager Geoff Jones.
Performer Chirag Naik, DJ Stephanie Wong, Assistant Director Daniela Atiencia, Director Rachel Aberle, Stage Manager Geoff Jones
Lighting set-up for CRANKED. Set design by Justus Hayes.
Assistant Director Daniela Atiencia watches performer Stephanie Wong from a monitor.
Director Rachel Aberle consults script
Chirag Naik on set. Set design by Justus Hayes.

CRANKED Workshop Team

Stan - Chirag Naik

DJ - Stephanie Wong

Director - Rachel Aberle

Assistant Director - Daniela Atiencia

Lighting Designer - Jacob Wan

TD/Lighting Mentor - John Webber

Stage Manager - Geoff Jones

COVID Compliance Monitor - Jenn Stewart

Workshop Audio Engineer - Steve Bulat

Consulting Audio Engineer - Kate De Lorme

Videographer - Cameron Anderson

Livestream Technician - Peter Carlone

Production Manager - Ruth Bruhn

Assistant Production Manager - Siobhan Powell

Playwright: Michael P. Northey

Original Music: Kyprios

Posted on

June 9, 2021