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MEET THE WRITERS | Bronwyn Carradine

During this pause in our programming due to COVID-19, we'd like to introduce the fabulous writers who are currently developing new plays with us!

Today's artist: Bronwyn Carradine!

Bronwyn Carradine is an award-winning writer and theatre creator currently based in Vancouver. As a young writer, her poems, short stories and personal essays were published in magazines and anthologies. Over the past decade, her theatre work has been produced, performed, and developed by Zee Zee Theatre, Intrepid Theatre, Rumble Theatre, the Livery Theatre, and GDCI Players. She currently has plays in development with Green Thumb Theatre, Arts Club Theatre Company; and Babelle Theatre, where she is currently a Writer-in-Residence. She’s a proud graduate of Studio 58 and was a member of the Arts Club Theatre Company’s inaugural Emerging Playwright’s Residency.

Besides writing equipment, what is your must-have item/snack/music during a writing session?

Oh, good question. I am actually pretty ritualistic with my writing process. If I am sitting down for a long writing session, I will make a pot of earl grey tea, and I’ll have that and water with me. Then, noise cancelling headphones and whatever playlist I’ve made for the script I am writing. I find writing plays to be very rhythmic, so music always helps. For BLINK! I listened to a lot of pop, rap & soundtracks to boxing movies – I think I’ve probably listened to ‘The Challenger’ over 300 times.

What's your favourite part of the playwriting process?

When I get to play with actors! I love the first read with actors, and the workshop process. Before a new play ‘hits the stage’, it generally has been through at least one workshop – which is when the playwright gets to work with directors, dramaturgs and actors to make sure that was is on the page works on the stage. So, we spend a few days going through the script, reading it out loud; and that’s when the writer gets to hear if what they wrote on the page works when spoken out loud. Writing can be a very lonely profession; you spend hours and days alone inside your own head, so it’s amazing to watch and listen to a piece come to life when you add the rest of the team. I think that’s what makes playwriting so unique and fun.

What excites you about creating work for young audiences?

Everything. The thing I love most about writing for Theatre for Young Audiences, is that this type of theatre exists to inspire important conversations about youth and the world. I know if I do my job well as a writer, then the audience will feel like they are watching themselves onstage. I know from going to many school shows with Green Thumb, that the most exciting thing is to hear the conversations that happen after the show takes place in the hallways of the school or theatre. I also love that TYA is very often the first experience young people have with theatre – so when it is really true, compelling and memorable we can start a lifelong love for the artform.

Bronwyn's work in development with Green Thumb is BLINK!

About BLINK!:

Raised with his sister by their single mom, Jackson has been the man of the house for as long as he can remember. But that kind of responsibility is a lot for a young man to take on, and the pressure leaves Jackson with a temper he can’t control. After being involved in one too many fights, Jackson’s mother decides he needs an outlet, and enrols him in boxing classes at the local gym. With the help of Coach, Jackson learns the value of discipline, dedication, and self-control - but can he apply these lessons outside the ring? After an altercation on a bus Jackson’s entire life changes in the blink of an eye. Backed by a live drummer, BLINK! is a non-stop tour de force that delves into the topics of anger, aggression, and justice, challenging audiences to examine their ideas of masculinity in a modern world.

We will be highlighting each writer we're currently working with throughout the month, but if you're eager to learn more now, click here.

Are you a writer interested in creating work for young audiences? We'd love to hear from you! We accept script submissions year-round and have just announced a playwright development program!

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March 30, 2021