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STILL/FALLING Digital Tour 2021

Green Thumb Theatre launches first “digital tour” with award-winning show addressing adolescent mental health

Public performances of STILL/FALLING: May 2 &6 at 7PM PDT in partnership with Massey Theatre. Tickets are $20 per device.

Tickets: https://www.ticketsnw.ca/

School performances of STILL/FALLING twice a dayMay 3 – 7: contact touring@greenthumb.bc.ca for details and booking.

VANCOUVER, BC — From May 2 to 7, 2021, Green Thumb Theatre’s hit show for teenage audiences, STILL/FALLING by Rachel Aberle, will be broadcast live to schools and the public across the province. Taking place during National Mental Health Week, each broadcast will be performed live and accompanied by a post-show discussion in partnership with Anxiety Canada.

This "digital tour" is a first for the non-profit arts organization, which has been touring productions for young audiences directly to schools and venues all over the province and country since 1975. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this digital tour provides a special opportunity for parents, guardians, and caregivers to engage with the theatre’s work through evening presentations on May 2 and 6. These presentations will also feature a post-show discussion with mental health youth advocate Shilpa Narayan, Anxiety Canada Scientific Committee member and Registered Clinical Counsellor Christine M. Yu, and Mental Health Champion for Anxiety Canada, John Bateman.

“We're excited to partner with Green Thumb Theatre to facilitate conversations with students, educators, parents and caregivers to gain a deeper understanding of anxiety and anxiety disorders” said Anxiety Canada CEO, Judith Law.

Premiering in 2015, STILL/FALLING has been presented over 180 times during tours to schools and theatre venues across North America. One actor plays seven different roles as the central character, teenaged Nina, recounts her experiences with anxiety and depression. Now reimagined for a digital format in the style of a confessional online video, STILL/FALLING offers a realistic, honest and bitingly funny look at the difference between ‘teen angst’ and mental illness.

STILL/FALLING playwright Rachel Aberle, who became Artistic Director of Green Thumb Theatre in January 2021, notes that it was her personal experiences as a teenager that prompted the creation of this piece for young audiences. Said Aberle: “By the time I received help, I was at a point of crisis. My intent in creating STILL/FALLING was to normalize conversations around mental health, and to offer avenues for young people to connect with one another on these topics, and encourage conversation with the adults in their lives as well.”

Continues Aberle, “Green Thumb Theatre’s goal is to meet young people where they are at, with professional live performance that speaks to the issues they deal with every day. As young people face the complexity of their teenage years in conjunction with the remarkable challenges brought on by the pandemic, our aim is to help them recognize signposts of mental illness, remind them that they are truly not alone, and to offer resources on where to find the support they may need.

Tickets for public performances on May 2 and 6 are available through Massey Theatre. Jessica Schneider, Executive Director of Massey Theatre Society, notes: “This year isolation has interrupted most human and community connections. We all need shared experiences; to know and understand what youth are experiencing. I hope every youth has a chance to experience the journey portrayed in STILL/FALLING. I know this play will start new and important conversations for the families who watch it together.”

STILL/FALLING is recommended for ages 13 +

Presentations are accompanied by a comprehensive study guide with resources and activities.

Content advisory: STILL/FALLING is an honest look at one person’s experience of anxiety and depression, and includes scenes depicting panic attacks, deep depression, and non-suicidal self-harm. Please be aware that some scenes may be emotionally triggering to some viewers.

Public performances of STILL/FALLING: May 2 &6 at 7PM PDT in partnership with Massey Theatre. Tickets are $20 per device.


School performances of STILL/FALLING twice a dayMay 3 – 7: contact touring@greenthumb.bc.ca for details and booking.

Pre-recorded closed-caption performance is also available. If cost is a barrier, please contact touring@greenthumb.bc.ca todiscuss options.

Media contact: Georgia Beaty - outreach@greenthumb.bc.ca

Available for interviews: Artistic Director, Rachel Aberle

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Photo: Lisa Baran in STILL/FALLING by Rachel Aberle. Set by Ken MacDonald. Lighting by John Webber. Photography by Sarah Race.

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April 13, 2021